Elect Sal Genovese

For Congress - 2022

"Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding"

I want to thank those of you that Voted for me, as well as everyone who Supported my Campaign's Mission and Vision. 

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America is in crisis, for we are in a battle on four major fronts, the Coronavirus Pandemic, millions of Americans out-of-work, Businesses closed or operating on a limited bases, as well as being confronted with "Police Brutality," and "Systemic Racism."  


Where is the Leadership that we all so desperately need at this time, for our Representative is hiding like a scared school boy, while the unemployed stand in long lines at Food Banks, like sheep on a cold night.  Our Markets that were once stocked with an abundance of food now are littered with aisles of empty shelves, as shoppers wander about in disbelief, wondering how they are going to pay for food, rent, or a mortgage.

We have sheltered in place, in order to slow-down the spread of COVID-19, as well as for the most part we have followed the orders issued by the various Government Agencies that govern us.  However, we are still isolated, surviving on our own, with many of us without an income, wondering were is the Leadership, and when is Financial Aid going to come, for we have done what we have been asked to do.

Our Leaders stand before the Public everyday, giving the grim numbers of the day, new cases, total cases, and the number of People that unfortunately died from COVID-19, which brings a chill to our bones, as well as an awareness of the seriousness of this Pandemic.

Fear and uncertainty has set in, for more than a month we have been isolated from our jobs, friends, and family, while all the while the voices in Congress have been silent, paralyzed by their own fears, which have inhibited them from acting quickly.  Finally after weeks of debate, a Financial Aid Package was passed, however, the Aid still has not reached the People that are most in need of assistance.  Instead of numbers each day, Americans need funds to pay for the things that they need in order to survive COVID-19.

Our economy is dying, and no ventilator is going to help the millions of Americans that lack the means to provide for their families, for they need Financial Aid to prevent them from drowning in a sea of zero income, for they are committed to defeating the Coronavirus.  

The front-line Medical Team, our Doctors, Nurses, as well as supported Medical Staff, are working hard to save lives, while the rest of us are isolating and using social distancing to reduce the number of new cases of COVID-19, in order to prevent over whelming our Healthcare Systems.  

We were caught off guard, for we were not prepared for a Pandemic, for we lacked medical supplies and protective gear for our front-line Medical Staff.  Shame on us!  But this is not the time to lay blame on anyone, for we have a deadly fight on our hands, and what we need at this hour, is Leadership, which is sorely lacking. 

If I had been Elected to Congress, I would be calling for an Emergency Session of Congress, to make sure that our Medical Community have everything that they need, as well as making sure that the American People are taken care of, to meet the needs of their families, as well as their financial needs.

This is not the time for our Representatives to be hiding in the weeds, for we need to hear their voices, as well as to act on taking care of the American People, and the Business Community, for we need to help all those who have lost their jobs, as well as those who have closed their Businesses. 

There does not seem to be a sense of urgency from Congress, for we all are still alone and isolated in this COVID-19 fight, and my Team is ready to be of help to anyone that may need to connect with someone or may have questions regarding COVID-19, or just want to express your feelings regarding this Health Crisis.  Please feel free to contact us at (323) 644-6810, if you have any questions, or just want to talk.

When this Pandemic ends, and we pray that it will be very soon, we will still have the many issues that I ran on to be resolved, and my hope is that the Voters of our District will be ready to go on a new journey, that will make their lives better, as well as all Americans.

Stay safe, be well, and again thank you to those of you that believed in my Vision and Mission.   Stay Strong America.