Elect Sal Genovese

For Congress - 2022

"Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding"

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Mission and Vision. 

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America is in crisis, for we are in a battle on four major fronts, the "Coronavirus Pandemic;" "Millions of Americans out-of-work;" "Businesses closed or operating on a limited bases;" as well as being confronted with "Police Brutality;" and "Systemic Racism."  


Where is the Leadership that we all so desperately need as a Nation.  COVID-19 is the greatest crisis we as a Nation has had to faced in over a Century. It is hard to understand how Congress could of gone on Vacation at this time, while millions of unemployed Americans stand in long lines at Food Banks, shelves at Markets still empty of food, and everyday products, as well as many Americans are still unable to pay their rent or mortgage.

There is plenty of blame to go around, for our Leaders, from the President, Congress, Governors, Mayors, as well as Health Officials have failed all of us, as many of us struggle alone to survive.  The mishandling of COVID-19 Pandemic, still has not been written, but when it is written, the Leaders in Congress, will be shown as having been misguided by their own Political Agendas, rather then what the Nation and the American People needed.  We all have done our part, with only a few exceptions, by sheltering in place, and wearing a Mask when we are out in Public, to help slow-down the spread of COVID-19.   However, we are still isolated, surviving on our own, with many of us without an income, wondering were are our Leaders, when we need then the most at this time.  

God Bless our Front-Line Workers, our Doctors, Nurses, and the supported Medical Team, working to save lives, as well as all those who work in stores and factories, and the drivers, and delivery personal, working to make sure we get the food and products that we Americans need.  

I want to be your Representative in Congress, for the COVID-19 Pandemic, and other issues of our times will be with us, for some time to come.  I would be calling for an Emergency Session of Congress, and if Congress adjourned, I would still be working for the People of our Nation and District, to make sure that the American People received the assistance that they needed during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Come join my Team, for I need your help to get Elected to Congress, for we need new Leadership in Congress, to establish a new Party, that works for the American People, not a Political Party.  Please feel free to contact us at (323) 644-6810, if you have any questions, or want to join my Team, and make a donation in any amount, by donating above. 

Stay safe, be well, and again thank you to those of you that believed in my Vision and Mission.   Stay Strong America.