Elect Sal Genovese

    U.S. Representative 28th Congressional District

                                       "Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding"

Welcome To The People's Voice

I want to thank those of you that supported and voted for me in the 2018 Primary Election. Although the outcome was not what we had expected, it was an honor and a privilege to run for office, as well as to meet so many wonderful people during our Campaign. Now it is time for a new Primary Election on March 3, 2020.

I know that there is much anger and hatred throughout our Country, as well as in our Democratic Party, with people blaming and criticizing each other, as well as those in the other Party, while the main issues of our times result in speeches of hatred, and demonstrations with anger, that lead to an overall tone; let’s get those guys that we disagree with.

Even though I was not successful in getting to the Halls of Congress, to give a real voice for the Dreamer's, the undocumented immigrants, the homeless, our next generation of young people, the families that struggle each day, the poor, and the forgotten men and women Veterans that preserved our freedoms, are not forgotten, for my Team and I are Campaigning to bring these voices to the Halls of Congress.

It is Congress that does not have the will or the courage, and for those of you that voted for the incumbent Congressman Adam Schiff in the 28th Congressional District, when all the shouting is done, you and our Country will not be any better off then you are today, for far too many serving in Congress breathe hatred and division, rather than solutions and peace.

My mission is not over, for as an Army Veteran I know that every battle is not a victory, for there is always a struggle to be victories. On July 1, 2018 we began our 2020 Congressional Campaign, for the 28th Congressional District, and I hope that you will join and become part of my Team for March 3, 2020, which is a coalition of voters, regardless of Party affiliation.

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