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Sal Genovese - "A Man For The People"

The Time Has Come For Sal Genovese To Be Our Voice In Congress

America it is time for us to stand with each other, for " Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding."

This Election say No to the Career Politicians in this Race, for they have failed us, and if anyone of them is elected to represent us in the 30th Congressional District, they will fail us again.  They are not your Friends or Loyal to your Causes.

If you believe in America, and in the Beacon of Hope and Freedom, then Sal Genovese, is the Person we must walk with, support, and Vote for, for he carries the Flag of Liberty, and will ease the pain of our fractured Nation.

We need a fresh new voice that has worked tirelessly for better living conditions in his Community, and is ready to do the same for us with his following Agenda:

1.  Make sure Social Security and Medicare are solvent for future generations.

2. An Immigration Policy that will secure our borders and create a system to process Immigrants before they enter the United States.

3.  Implement a Homeless Program that will clear our streets of encampments.

4.  Reasonable Gun Control, with harden targets to reduce Crime & Gun Violence.

5.  Renters and Landlords Rent Stabilization Plan to Reduce Rents.

6.  A Business Program to reduce Small Business Fees and Operational Cost.

7.  Improved Veteran Services and Medical Care.

8.  Provide Opportunities to assist the Poor out of Poverty for a better future.

9.  Give Dreamers a Pathway to Citizenship.

10. Will have Monthly Town Hall Meetings throughout the 30th District.

These are bold objectives but absolutely attainable if we work together as a Community.  Let's send Sal Genovese to Congress, to make our 30th District better, as well as America.  Get involved today by calling his Campaign Office at (323) 644-6810 and become part of the solution for our Nation.

Join The Team For America's Future - (323) 644-6810

Text Team Genovese at (213) 300-2192

Promises!  Promises!  Promises!  That is all we have heard from Elected Officials and Candidates running  for Office.

What is the difference about Sal Genovese?  He makes no Promises.  That's right!  You heard me, he makes no Promises.  

Forget about Campaign Promises, for what Sal Genovese is all about, is working with you to make Homelessness a thing of the past, secure our Neighborhoods to end random Crime, having real affordable Housing, lifting the Poor to have a brighter future, knock-down barriers of Discrimination, and devote every effort to make sure our Children are safe, and will always come Home from School.

Is this not the Life we all deserve to have in America?  I know you feel as I do, for that is the way of Life that we strive to have in our Communities, and why we need to have Sal Genovese in Congress, representing us in the 30th Congressional District.  

The other Candidates challenging Sal Genovese, especially Laura Friedman, and Anthony Portantino, well, they live in a World of making Promises, and trying to explain their Failures.

Join Sal Genovese and let's show the World how wonderful and great America is, by Electing a Man of Faith, Sal Genovese that will always be with you, and will never let you walk alone.

This Election is not about Democrats or Republicans, for it is about Americans, and having a better and safer life, and Sal Genovese is the right Person that will make that happen for all of us.  Come join him and others and become part of the movement for change at or call our Campaign Office at (323) 644-6810.

"Will Your Child Come Home From School Today"


The current Representative for the 30th Congressional District, Congressman Schiff will not be running for reelection, for he is seeking to become the next Congressional Senator for California, replacing retiring Diane Feinstein.  

Now is the time to support and Elect Sal Genovese to Represent us in Congress, in order to heal our Nation, and to bring Peace to a World on the edge of another World War.

Your next Congressman, Sal Genovese has proposals for Police Reform, Tackling Racism, Fixing the Immigration System, ending Homelessness, lifting the Poor out of Poverty, giving Small Businesses cuts in fees and operating cost, reducing Taxes for Working Americans, as well as Eliminating Taxing Social Security and Unemployment Benefits.  

Sal will protect the Rights given by the 2nd Amendment; however, he will make sure that our most precious gift, our Children from being slaughtered in their Classrooms across our Nation.

Come join Sal Genovese and a coalition of Parents and Concern Citizens to end the senseless Gun Violence plaguing our Nation, by joining his "Americans Against Random Mass Shootings (AARMS)," for sensible            Gun Control.

Are you ready to make a difference in your Community?  Sal a Veteran, and a man of faith, knows that you are!  Get Involved, Donate, and Support Sal Genovese for Congress in 2024.

Our Seniors are being overburdened with Medicare Cost, and Sal Genovese will work to reduce the Cost of Part B, capped at $100.00 per month.  Property Taxes and the Cost for Rent are hurting all Americans, causing a Housing Crisis, that Sal Genovese will work with Local Governments to address.


Crime affects all of us, and Sal Genovese will hold accountable Police Chiefs and their Officers, to perform their duties, as they have sworn to "Protect and Serve," for Citizens in our Communities deserve better services to prevent crime, then they are currently receiving.

Sal Genovese and his team need you to stand-up, and have the courage to Vote for Change, for our Nation needs a Representative in Congress like Sal Genovese, a moderate Democrat that will stand with the hard-working men and women that make our Country great, for "Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding."


Vote Sal Genovese For Congress In 2024


Important Note:  Top Two Vote Getters Move On Regardless Of Party





Proposals For A Vision For America

  1. Small Business & Recovery Act - Will cut payroll taxes, reduce business operating cost and fees, provide tax credits for Employees hired, as well as will create Job Training Programs.
  2. Anna Rose Immigration Reform Act - This Act will address the illegal Immigration issue, secure our borders, establish 24-hour Boarder Processing Centers, provide current undocumented immigrants and especially "Dreamers" an opportunity to become a Provisional Citizen, by passing a criminal background check, with a pathway to Citizenship within five years.
  3. Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance - Will recognize the Armenian Genocide to honor and secure justice for genocide-era victims and their families that will be observed every April 24th.
  4. Fair Education & College Act - This Act keeps teachers in the classrooms, lowers College tuition, provides a 1% Student Loan Program, funding for Vocational Programs, with partnerships with State Educational Systems.
  5. Healthcare for America Act - Provides Healthcare for all Americans, with premiums and deductibles based on income, sliding scale for services, covers pre-existing conditions, without any mandates, and Health Insurance available on a competitive basis from any State in the Nation.
  6. Veteran's Benefits Act - Will end backlogs and delays in Veterans receiving benefits and will provide our Veterans and their families the assistance and services they deserve.
  7. Community Awareness Program (CAP) - A monthly Town Hall meeting with residents of the Congressional District to discuss concerns and issues and polices to be addressed in Congress.

30th District

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